Jellycat Blossom Tulip Bunny Medium


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This Jellycat wonderful Blossom Tulip Bunny is a fantastic cuddly bunny. Great for warm snuggles and lots of fun!  She is a perfect play companion for any little person.

With really soft rose pink fur, big floppy ears, beautiful black beady eyes, a light pink nose, big floppy ears, large clumsy feet and drooping arms. Inside those big floppy ears and on the soles of her feet, is a beautiful floral patterned fabric with vines and colourful flowers flowing all over, a lovely contrast with the rose pink fur.

A beautiful gift for Birthdays or any special occasion!

Hand wash; do not tumble dry
Care Instructions - “Lots and lots of hugs!”
Size: Medium 31cm x 12 cm
Suitable from birth