Super soft and snuggly rag dolls for little ones
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Baby Doll with Carry Cot, Blanket and Bottle - Personalised
Katy Rag Doll - Personalised
 A Butterfly Kids Peach Doll from Bonikka with a peach dress and blue shoes. Perfect for a Christmas doll gift
A personalised organic eco friendly rag doll Emma from Bonikka with pig tails and blue dress
A Fran Rag Doll from Bonikka with a beautiful flowery dress, brown hair and personalisation
A Peggy Rag Doll from Bonikka in a purple flowery dress, blonde hair and with personalisation
A personalised Bonikka Iris Rag Doll with a beautiful embroidered lavender dress and flowers in her dark hair
A personalised Bonikka Scarlett Rag Doll with pretty flowery embroidered dress and flowers in her hair
Baby Girl Doll - Can be Personalised
Amelia Rag Doll - Option to Personalise
A personalised Bonikka Clara Rag Doll with beautiful dotted embroidered dress and dark hair
Cecilia Rag Doll - Option to Personalise
Priscy Rag Doll - Option to Personalise
Boy Rag Doll Joe
Organic Rag Doll Lily - Can be Personalised
A personalised Skye Rag Doll from Bonikka with blonde hair, blue shoes and a  blue dress that can have a name embroidered
Madison Black Hair Doll - Personalised
Baby Boy Doll
Baby Boy Doll
Marcella the Bunny Ballerina
Rag Doll Milly - Personalised
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Baby Doll with Carry Cot & Accessories - Personalised
Rag Doll Ella
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Rag Doll Ella
Baby Luna in Pink Boniklka Cloth Doll
Baby Clara in Green Boniklka Cloth Doll
Way Back When Bunny - Gift Boxed
Luca the Fox - Personalised
Chic Rag Doll Amelia - Personalised
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Rag Doll Molly - Personalised